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Author Topic: Official launch is going to be in less than 2 weeks!  (Read 2688 times)

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Official launch is going to be in less than 2 weeks!
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 01:44:55 PM »
So, with one of the local bike week's that I always go to is coming up I decided that is when the official launch of should be.  By then I should have it so you can
  • Check in at a bar (and get 'miles')
  • Rate bars (how bikerish are they really?)
  • Post missing information about a bar.  Say a bar doesn't allow colors or bandanas but that's not in our database, you can help your fellow biker out by posting it (and get Biker Miles in the process!.
  • Suggest bars that aren't in my database
  • Bands can sign up (this won't be finished yet but they can use the forum calendar to post their gigs)
  • And hopefully by then I'll be able to let the bar management sign up and get confirmed so they can edit their information as well.
Last night as I was working on the 'Bar pages' (individual page with all of a bar's details) I realized just how much information I'm tracking on each bar.  It's insane but I think it needs to be that way to help everyone find a worthy destination. 

I'd love to spend more of today working on the site but I've got an oil change and brake / clutch fluid to change out as well as a couple other things to do on my bike. Besides, it's a beautiful day and I want to ride a bit!

Shiny side up all!
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Helping Bikers find a worthy destination


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