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What is all about? What is a Biker Bar?
Who is for? What can Bar owners / employees do?
What about Musicians and Entertainers? How are bars rated?
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What is all about? is a web site (obviously - I mean you are reading this at the web site aren't you? :) and mobile app for bikers (soon anyway), by bikers to help them find either a bar near where they happen to be, or when planning a ride. The goal is to help them find a great night out no matter where they are. Bottom line, we are a database of bars / pubs, etc. but also local bands and entertainers across the United States of America (later the rest of the world). So while we are designed for Bikers - a lot of other people will benefit from this site / app - if they like going to see local bands and other entertainment. We will be tracking things such as:

  • An establishments 'attitude'
  • Music style (Rock, pop, dance, etc.)
  • Music type (live band, dj, karaoke, Juke Box, etc.)
  • Other forms of entertainment available at bars
  • Prices of food / alcohol
  • Quality of service on busy / slower nights
  • Typical age range
  • Bar rules (no MC colors allowed, no bandanas, etc.)
  • Can bikers see their bikes in the parking lot from inside the bar

And many, many other details all of which feed into our ratings algorithm designed to make sure that our "Bikerish" rating is legitimate, unbiased and not time sensitive. But those details are our "secret sauce" so not much more about that here..

Our goal with our database of bars is to have the establishment itself manage the content themselves (via owners or delegates) while the users of the site are responsible for the ratings. While establishments are encouraged to purchase ad space on our web site, they cannot pay for better ratings.

Just to be clear here. does NOT condone drinking and driving - especially on a motorcycle. We have just found that there is a need for a tool such as this to help us "Bikers" find good places outside of our own little universe.

What is a "Biker Bar"? (BB) considers a "biker-bar" to be, most obviously a bar where bikers (motorcycle enthusiasts) frequent and are welcomed. But what makes a good biker bar is a very subjective topic. Here at BB, we consider multiple criteria when rating how "Bikerish" a bar is including but not at all limited to:

  • Attitude
  • Motorcycle themed decor / ambience
  • Clientele
  • Dress code (rather, lack of one!)
  • Music
  • Self-described as a biker-bar
  • Clear view to parking lot (to be able to watch your bike)
  • Colors allowed (club vests or shirts with the club's insignia) therefore uses an algorithm to constantly update each bars, "Bikerish" rating.

Who is for?

Although this site and mobile application are focused on "Bikers" the site (and app) has many features that will be beneficial to anyone who wants to find a good place to go out for a drink, to dance or listen to live music or to just hook up with good people for a night out.

The "typical" user of is a motorcycle enthusiast ("biker") who rides a "cruise bike" and may, or may not be a member of a motorcycle club; however, no discrimination of types of motorcycles (sport bikes, Jap bikes, etc.) will be tolerated. But of course you do not need to own a bike, or even be a "biker" to join We welcome you whoever you are.

And of course, Biker-Bars is a community of users who will be able to see their friends (who allow others to view them) on their map. We aren't trying to be another B.O.N. or Facebook, rather we want to help promote getting together (in person), riding together and just having a good time. In order to help us promote those things we have built a number of features into the site such as:

  • Search for a bar by any of the criteria we track (location, entertainment, Bar rules, ratings, and many other attributes of the bars.) with a navigate link to the establishment.
  • Users can send either other private messages
  • Suggest establishments to their friends
  • Post to facebook not only where they are but a brief explaination of what's going on that night at the site (with a single click) Of course the FB post would have a link to GoogleMaps (and if viewing on their smart phone, they can click it to use their phones navigation application.
  • Create a wishlist of bars to visit in the future
  • Rate a bar to help others find a good night out
  • Send their friends a text, GPS link to where they are
  • Share limited pictures with others
  • Suggest a bar that is not in our database
  • Post a charity event or ride to your own calendar and promote it on BB
  • Musicians (and other entertainers) can use our calendar to promote themselves (and they can "Plug in" our calendar into their own site relatively easy (and without having to know much HTML or other code) so they don't have to maintain multiple calendars
And a lot of other features.

Of course, both the web site and the mobile app will have access to a quick rating system which is designed to get quality data from the users in a very quick time frame (only a few clicks) as well as a more detailed / complete rating system.

What can Bar owners / Employee's do?

As mentioned, no bar can pay to increase their ranking, but they can edit their own descriptions and various attributes of the establishment such as type of food, beers on tap, post limited pictures and more. Each bar will have their own calendar which will include a means for them to enter entertainment, events and specials that they may be hosting. This calendar is constructed in a way that it can easily be integrated into their own web site so they don't have to maintain several calendars

Bars may of course purchase advertising space on and the mobile app. In addition, they will be able to send out group texts to BB members (who chose to receive such texts) who are within a certain proximity to the establishment. This is designed for bars to let people know of an event or special they are having. For example, if the bar is having a slow night and the manager wants to offer a special to hopefully pick up some additional business. He can send a group text out letting people know about the special that night.

Each Bar may decide if they want to have one user manage their data or multiple. There will be one user who will be verified, from there, that user may delegate maintenance to other members as they wish. Of course as time goes by employees change and whatnot so the verified user of the bar will be able to disable the employee's as needed.

What about Musicians and other Entertainers?

As we've found, a great deal of bars out there hire entertainment for their establishments but don't always do a good job promoting that entertainment. Perhaps that's because they just aren't a 'computer geek', but why should the bands that are hired to come out have a small crowd? So we at BB try to get everyone involved with promoting events! Yes, even non-entertainers can post events - but we will show an icon which lets other members know that it is not a validated event (just in case something changes or whatever.)

Anyway, members of bands / DJ's or any other kind of entertainer who's venues are typically bars can sign up just like a regular member (free). In their profile they can specify that they are whatever kind of entertainer and they will be given a free Biker-Bars calendar which, when they post their gigs, will link up to the various bar's events calendars and will turn up in searches on our website and mobile app. Not only will it help get their name out there but the bars will benefit as well - because the calendar entries will be linked together! And of course we have designed the calendars so they can be included in the bands own webpage with very little knowledge of html or any other "Web code". This means they only have to maintain one calendar to promote themselves on their own website and!

Also, over time, we will be collecting statistics on members who seem to attend certain bands and we will use that information to make suggestions for new bands for them to try out.

Our rating system

Although we've already mentioned it several times above, our rating system is unique in that it is designed to be accurate over time. Consider the following scenario: Bar management changes, the new management makes a lot of changes in a quick period of time. Members will be rating that bar very differently if the changes are drastic so those, more timely ratings get a much greater weight in the bars overall rating.

In addition to the rating for how "Bikerish" a bar is, BB will be providing individual ratings for various attributes of the establishment so if you don't really care about some attributes you can ignore those. As mentioned, members will be able to set their profile up to automatically do this for them based on the criteria they select as important to them. In addition, they can override these in the advanced search in the event that they want to make a decision based on, say, if they have , say, "girly" drinks available.

Miles: our point system:

Users will earn miles in several ways but first, let's tell you what they can do with the miles:

  • Of course, bragging rights
  • We will be making deals with bars to give discounts to members, free drinks, appetizers, etc.
  • merchandise - T-shirts, bandanas, kick stand plates, bumper stickers, pint glasses, shot glasses, etc.
  • At some events that we will be participating we will give contest winners cash (member with the most miles that is present, etc.)
  • And we'll be coming up with more and more ways to make the miles count!

The more miles you have the more respected in the BB community you will be - and your ratings and suggestions will be given more weight.

Earning miles will be easy - basically do what you do now, but use our mobile app or web site

  • Sign up - get miles
  • Go to a bar (check in with the app)- get miles
  • Rate a bar - get miles
  • Suggest a bar - get miles
  • Suggest us to your friends - get miles
  • Etc!

Contact us at:

Please let me know if something is not working on the wite or if you have problems, questions, etc

We do NOT condone drinking and driving - especially on a motorcycle. Please be safe and think smart!
Unfortunately, there are those that will drink and drive, while we hope they survive and do not kill anyone else, we will not be held responsible for their tragic mistake!
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